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I love it when it reaches one am on monday morning. When I know I should be sleeping because work but I'm not. I'll be sitting in my flat, over-caffeinated, cheeks flushed from it, keeping me feeling warm even though my flat is freezing. I'll huddle my feet under the over-heating laptop, rearrange to find the warmest spot.

I'll be trawling tumblr, or reading fic, or checking my mail, or bothering people on twitter, or maybe all of them at once and more. I'll flit between different fics because the caffeine strips away any attention span I might have had. I'll be twitchy enough that as I focus on the screen, read the words too quickly, they'll jump and make me feel like I'm on a ship. I'll focus and unfocus on things I shouldn't, unable to stop, until I have to close my eyes to make the world stop dancing before my eyes. To make my sofa stop moving.

I'll watch the last of my friends say good night, and I'll aimlessy refresh tabs, and fics, checking notes on posts and kudos on stories. I'll type things I never intend to post, and some I'll post anyway. I'll listen to my computer overheat and complain about the amount of gifs open, the bad flash players on porn websites, I'll watch them all while shifting my legs on the sofa, rearranging the laptop, because I've been sitting here for far too long. I'll spot one friend left online, doing the same as me. I think of the rest, the ones who've made themselves invisible telling themselves they will go to bed on time.

I'll know it's time to sleep and stop drinking tea when I get that trippy moment when I think I'm part of the sofa. But I won't. My stomach will rumble and tell me it's hungry because it's been so long from dinner. Did I have dinner? I forget. Sundays blur. One am will go into two and I'll think, 'I'll just have another pot of tea, and finish... that fic, that gifset, that episode, that album, anything'. I'll pick one of the teas without caffeine. Inevitably I'll pick the tea with the most caffeine. I'll overbrew it because oooh, look at that picture, that face, that... anything, and it'll be bitter and dark and leave me buzzing even more. The taste will linger in my mouth until I wash it away with more tea.

I'll put on the pirated french radio station, because I like trying to guess the words, I like the random songs they play. I'll hear my neighbours fucking again, I'll smell the comforting smell of weed and chicken nuggets come from the other neighbour through the old floorboards of this house. I'll light a candle. Burn some incense. I'll make another cup of tea because the nuggets made me hungry again. It'll be three am and I'll be watching an episode of silent witness it's taken me two weeks to watch because I keep getting distracted. I'll drink more tea. It needn't be silent witness, it could be anything. I'll wander off in the middle of doing anything.

I'll have a million ideas. A million reasons not to sleep. One more website to check, one more fic read, one more open tab that looks so alluring.

Maybe I'll have another cup of tea.
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Have a todo list and some vampire diaries feels

clean kitchen
check bills
do washing up
make cake (seriously, make the fucking christmas cake, it's not going to sufficiently soaked in alcohol if you don't start now, nan used to start in august. )
do laundry
put clean clothes away
figure out top, make up, earrings and shoes for christmas meal
finish christmas presents
write christmas cards and send the stuff to evy and peyton and susan
hang laundry
figure out the bed
tidy living room floor
tidy shoes
clean bathroom (seriously, sas, it's getting bad)
take the rubbish out

Vampire Diaries feels and opinions up to the end of 4x06...still catching up )
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Somehow. In my head. This hash meshed into a teenwolf thing. And Now me and my fox-hat are the happiest in the world.

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Nik: So, how's the piercing today? Still a bit sore but you're getting used to it? Also, pelase stop posting pics fo beautiful men and women on Tumblr. :P
Sas: Lol. Sorry...More puppies and wit, eh? Doesn't tyler hoechlin make you want to watch teen wolf?! It's fine, swollen but ok i think!!! xx
Nik: Of course he does!! He's so attractive, he makes me hate nature for being so fucking unfair. Will probably start watching it next week.

Excelllentttttt. One more person down \o/ Knew Tyler Hoechlin would get Nik. I'm thinking Stiles and Alison or Lydia will get Graham.

Pie, Sara, Ashley, Isa you're all there on the list, just...soooooon.
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Guess what I did in my lunch hour?

Excuse the hair, I'm going for hobo as a look today... (lies, I just look a mess).

(The answer is the lip piercing XD)
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Because I'm proud of him, I'm posting him here too.

Meet Stiles, the origami fox I lost three hours of my life to, and he's still not perfect.

Phew. Now if only the origami wolf would cooperate half as much. I was up til 4am last night trying to get him right, and all I've got is some back legs and a front that is not playing at all.
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brb, driving to munich.
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Guess what I 'accidentally' bought?
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This is horrible. I just finally found out what all the boxes under my bed are, they're my old NME and SFX magazines, and my comics.


I don't want any of them anymore. But I can't bring myself to bin them.

Urgh. Ideas?
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jfc you guys, who let me near tumblr? I just, I can't stop spamming and the pretties, the pretties are everywhere!

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Holy shit, Suits is too awesome to exist.

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Oh god. I just realised I've not left my house for 40 hours. Infact, I've gone as far as the bathroom.

I can't stop reading suits fic. Oh god. I'm leaving the sofa. I'm getting dressed.

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I had the oddest moment earlier, I was listening to Blue Oyster Cult and was thinking about seeing them and in my head the venue was half the Astoria and half The Forum, and one minute I was 100% I went with kip, then 100% I went with Bec and Els, then I thought we all went together....

MEMORY FAIL. I have seen BOC twice, once in the Astoria with Bec and Els, and once in The Forum with Kip.


As soon as I remembered that I could remember lots of things about each one, idek how they became one in my head there for a moment. Still got the tshirt as well XD

Brought to you by procrastination from tidying.
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advice advice adviceeeee

Does anyone on my flist have their nose pierced (i know some of you dooooo).

Since I got mine done I've only had a ring in it, but it's finally healed enough to consider switching jewellery and I was thinking about a stud, how well do you guys stay in? how is it when you sleep?
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Ahaha, you can launch a fancybox from within a fancybox by targeting the parent

This should be in the existing fancybox, with the link

$(".btn_forgot").click(function() {
href: $(this).attr('href'),
autoSize: false,
padding: 0,
scrolling: 'no',
width: 750,
height: 387,
fitToView: false,
openEffect: 'elastic',
type: 'iframe'

<a href="<?php echo base_url(); ?>index.php/member/forgottenpassword" class="btn_forgot fancybox.iframe">Forgotten your password?</a>

and both the iframe and the parent should have jquery and fancybox installed and bam, job done.
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Soooooo. Hi.

Well. Nan's visiting mum, so I decided to roll it into a double visit, grab a few days off of work and go visit them.

Except, I looked at the project I'm doing and taking two days off would royally fuck the schedule, so I grabbed my laptop and I'm doing two half-days at my mum's house.

Oh well. Anyway, so we went to the epic nursery on Saturday and I bought a white [ profile] pierhias. I also saw a [ profile] xfortytwo but it was totally the wrong colour for me. And the slugs would have eaten it.

I also picked up two white chrysanthemums, a new strawberry to boost my patch, two scarlet begonias, a white lily, two lavender bushes (papillon, hidcote) andddd I think that's it. I repotted them all today with some forgetmenots in with the chrysanths, and a random violet mum offered me.

Very pretty, now to stop my fucking neighbours and their kids killing them :-/
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