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So. I'm killing time before a gig and as isa had motivated me to get dressed I wanted to show her what I was wearing, and for lols, have a sas twirling in her living room XD

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I love the fact that my heroes, heroes, heroes, heroes are my heroes too.

Although perhaps I should worry that when left alone for a quiet weekend I spend all my time sleeping, reading miscellaneous things and listening to joy division and early cure albums. Not entirely sure this is healthy. But. It makes me want to do things, change things, and not just sit, settled into some sort of horrible old-age when I'm only 25. It shatters my happiness a little, but I suspect it's a happiness that should be shattered. I should do more, not sit comfortable and just coast along, I do that too much.

Also, there should be more peep-toed shoes in my life. (Can't end on a non-materialistic note, can I?)
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Does anyone else watch misfits?
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So, this past two weeks has been an absolute whirlwind.
Week before )


Thrice's farewell gig, The Forum, 30th April )

the rest of the week
hectic, hectic, hectic. late nights and a cold!

lostprophets, Brixton Academy, 4th May )

One more gig, the vaccines, on Mon and that's the end of my birthday celebrations!
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Moving a wordpress install and getting:

download as application/x-httpd-php ?

Check there's no php legacy stuff in your htaccess.
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Holyshit why are people so nice to me?

First work did a whip around and bought me a birthday present. I CAN'T EVEN.

Then my nan sends me a cheque with 'BUY SHOES' written on the back.

Then, my mum got my the new converse I really wanted, but I open up the card and there's a receipt from Office (the shoe shop) that says, 'AND THE OTHER PAIR SHOULD ARRIVE AT YOUR WORK SOON'. asdfghjk they're leopard print converse and I am SO psyched.

asdfghjkl SHOES. Graham and Mel got me that supernatural-sherlock-hp-dw tshirt. And Nik got me tickets to Thrice's farewell tourrrrr. asdghjk YOU GUYS. I CAN'T EVEN. WHY IS EVERYONE SO NICE TO ME?
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Because I always forget this..., restarting mysql via the terminal on a mac


sudo /usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql.server start


sudo /usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql.server stop
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Yeah XSS filtering turned on in codeigniter will stop tiny mce saving 'style' attributessss
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:-/ carbootsales are cancelled because of the rain. THIS MAKES ME SAD.
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First cup of tea with my new teapot! Wooooo.
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I give up, I am flummoxed. I've now had, over several years, both off white and white converse, and I've no idea how the hell The Doctor kept his so clean.

I mean. Maybe I sit cross legged too much? Maybe I slant my feet to the side too much and rest on that? Maybe I wear them in the rain once too often? Maybe Brighton is dirtier than the TARDIS?

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My day at work basically involved doing this to my boss' dog:

~Oh yeah.

Other than that I am still catching up from Japan and have a horrible viral something that's dropped down and gone into my lungs and is antagonising my asthma and I keep coughing, but, labraPOODLE :D
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So for anyone following...I'm off on thurs to Japan for, um, well, til the 26th of March. :D

But, these are my flight times: London Time (localtime)

08:30 dep brighton
10:30 arr heathrow

13:50 dep heathrow
15:05 arr amsdm (16:05)

16:45 dep amsdm (17:45)
03:10 arr seoul (12:10)

07:55 dep seoul (16:55)
11:35 arr osaka (18:35)

And then in osaka I've got to catch the train to my friend's house, which I suspect is another couple of hours.

Planning, sas, you're doing it wrong.

and return:

21:00 dep imis (06:10)
02:10 dep osaka (11:10)
15:05 arr amsdm (16:05)
16:15 dep amsdm (17:15)
17:35 arr heathrow (17:35)
20:35 arr brighton
21:00 arr home SLEEP

08:00 next morning, go to work. <.< >.>
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nnnrrghhh, my mum just gave me an electric guitar and I think I'm in love. Hello new hobby, lets see if this lasts...
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Noel Sharkey, professor of artificial intelligence and robotics at the University of Sheffield said the latest achievement was very impressive.

"With faster than human speed, this is a step in the development of a high speed killer that could negotiate a battlefield quickly to hunt and kill," he said.

"The biggest concern about this is that no artificial intelligence system can distinguish between civilians and enemy combatants, and so if this was operating on its own it would fall foul of the laws of war."

source anyone else seeing this in their head?

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