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Have a todo list and some vampire diaries feels

clean kitchen
check bills
do washing up
make cake (seriously, make the fucking christmas cake, it's not going to sufficiently soaked in alcohol if you don't start now, nan used to start in august. )
do laundry
put clean clothes away
figure out top, make up, earrings and shoes for christmas meal
finish christmas presents
write christmas cards and send the stuff to evy and peyton and susan
hang laundry
figure out the bed
tidy living room floor
tidy shoes
clean bathroom (seriously, sas, it's getting bad)
take the rubbish out

Re: Vampire diaries, I'm a couple of weeks behind and I just...STOP FUCKING WITH MY SHIPS, YOU GUYS.

lol, not being a self-entitled shipper, honestly, they can do what they want and I'll will sit back and still watch and still read fic and make all the tumblr things, but, seriously, three of mine in one week. (Ok, so this is what happens when you catch up on TVD in a big chunk).

1) Stefan/Elena (I'm a massive Elena/Damon shipper too, but, you know, I want her with both of them, and think Stefan/Damon as brothers is amazing to watch, seeing them fuck? It'd be amazing, they've already got a horrible/excellent emotional bond). Seriously, Stefan, Elena, that was not how you two normally react to shit, you both are like Jack Russells, Elena, you never give up. Or if you're giving up, Damon or Stefan won't let you.

2) April/Rebekah, seriously, shut up everyone, the first time I saw the pair of them interact, and the way Rebekah reacted to April and April, and urgh, my lonely left-out girlsss, and now April is asking about Rebekah all the time and. THE FEELS. I just want them together. Everyone get can gtfo.

3) Klaus/Caroline. idek. I hear this is going to get horribly worse. I just like them together, ok? I know Nik is a mass-murderer and an insecure puppy, but, well, I'm not interested in them for his moral stances, ok? IDGAF about him needing forgiveness because he does't, he's bad and lost and doesn't really give a shit? But I think he might actually be capable of loving Caroline, and I know Caroline is capable of loving him, and they're fucking adorable together.

4) Seriously, WTAF just happened with Jeremy killing that hybrid? That was fucking cold. I'm not on Jeremy for doing it, because I can totally see him doing it. I'm not Klaus because he's fucking cold. I'm on Caroline, Stefan and Elena.

Caroline knew everyside of that situation and put her friend's sanity over someone else's life. I know Elena was threatening to kill herself, but I really think they should have waited and had a bit more faith in Damon. The fact Caroline had to agree to a date just shows how non-urgent it was. Klaus wants Elena alive, if he seriously thought it was life/death he wouldn't have bartered with Caroline...would he?

Shit's all over Stefan, seriously, we all know Klaus wants Elena alive, we know it, that was probably the safest place for her. He was prepared for what was going to happen. So why fuck with it? Why...urgh. Stefan. Seriously. Even Damon doesn't fuck up like that and not feel bad about it.

Elena. Negl, more worried about your drama with your boyfriend than asking WHAT they had to do to save you? That's....really not the Elena we've seen. Unless this is another subtle nod to her becoming a vampie, if it is, well done, but...given how she's been behaving since she became a vampire it doesn't feel like it is? It feels like clunky writing. I'll be happy to be proven wrong, but, woe :(

In summary: I fucking love The Vampire Diaries, and I hear it's going to get harsher... well, more eps to catch up on!

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URGH i can feel these feels are going to hit me like a sledgehammer, i accidentally clicked into the klaroline tag on tumblr and I was like



urgh oh god

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Can I be your friiiiiiiiiend

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